October 22, 2018

Free Explainer Video Templates Online

Social media has indeed changed how we do marketing today. The rise of digital marketing strategies has fully revamped how businesses are promoted. Many decades ago, marketing services meant handing out flyers and brochures; fast forward to today, marketing has become innovative and interactive.

People are visual by nature. This makes explainer videos such a hit, that more and more businesses resort to it as their main marketing strategy. We naturally pay more attention to animations rather than plain images and graphics.

If you’re new to technical stuff and feel intimidated with video making, don’t worry. There are free explainer video templates online. Because they are free, you can use them for practice during your free time. What’s even better is that there are tons of choices for every type of service or product you want to promote.

  • Explainer Video Toolkit. Its name is a telltale sign of what it offers. It is a tool kit, which means it has everything you need to come up with an interesting and informative explainer video. This one is great for beginners and experts alike. It is said to be easy to use, and has the largest selection of animations and characters. This free template is one of the most versatile ones available online, which can be used in a wide variety of services and products.
  • Cartoon Company Introduction. Explainer videos are great for making a lasting impression when introducing your business. It could also be used as a tool to launch a new or improved product or service offered by your company. This free template uses fun and catchy characters and colorful settings to draw attention. What’s even better is you can add in photos of your team, satisfied clients, etc. Its themes are entertaining, which is great for informative explainer videos that seek not only to promote but also to inform.
  • My Business Promotion. This free template leans on the minimalist side, perfect for professional services promotions. Its clean and crisp look is complemented by the modern fonts and fun animations available. What sets this template apart if its premium quality motion graphics, plus the sound effects made available only for this theme.
  • Isometric Store Promotion. If your business offers technical services like web development, AutoCAD, or software engineering, this could be what you have been looking for. It features a sleek and modern design made of isometric figures, which gives the videos a better recall, perfect for winning new clients and converting views to sales. The futuristic themes are sure to be a hit to your audience, and will set your business apart from all the others.

Because technology doesn’t stop reinventing and updating, it is normal for us to struggle keeping up. The key is to keep ourselves updated with new marketing trends, as well as new digital marketing strategies. While it can be challenging to learn new skills, we should find our inner drive to succeed in this generation’s digital market. These free explainer video templates online allow us to explore our creativity and promote our services all at the same time.

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