August 7, 2018

Tools For Creating Animated Videos For Business

There is no doubt that animated videos have totally changed how marketing works. The birth of the internet and the surging popularity of social media turned old fashioned marketing strategies stale, which forced businesses to learn social media marketing.

From there, we all got used to business pages sharing links to their blogs and websites. It was a trend that was easy to keep up with, which also made it very common. To stand out, businesses had to learn a new digital marketing strategy—video animation.

If you’re not a very technical person, it might seem too complicated. After all, making animated videos sound too complex. Fortunately, there are tons of video tutorials on the internet today. Self-studying them can go a long way and can help us keep up with the changing times. Apart from tutorials, tools for creating animated videos are also all over the web.

What tools are best to use to create animated videos for business?

  • This tool has been around for quite some time now. It has been known to be a tool to make your usual drab PowerPoint presentations more entertaining. In this era of animated videos for marketing, Prezi is known to be among the easiest tool to use. Its interface is user-friendly, especially for beginners who are not familiar with video animations but with PowerPoint slideshow experience.
  • The name itself sounds fun, and it really is. It features tons of motion graphics, fun templates and themes, plus entertaining sound effects. We, of course, must make videos to market and promote, or even to inform. In the same way, we should also remember to keep our videos entertaining and engaging. PowToon is said to be very good in it. This tool offers different prices, and good for you—they have a free version you can use to try before actually paying for the premium version.
  • Its catchy name makes it such a hit to people who want to give video marketing a try. Animaker is great tool for beginners, given its drag and drop feature. Its easy navigation and built-in effects all together make a tool that’s great for making a video infographic that could be used as a company introduction. You can also use it to make videos for product launches and service promotions.
  • Also among the highly popular video making tools online, what sets Moovly apart from its many competitors is that it allows its users to do unlimited downloads and unlimited videos. Those features make it one of the best ones for beginners. Unlimited videos mean loads of practice videos you can do until such time you think you can post it.

These tools are just a few of what you can find when you explore the internet for video making tools. There are tons more, which you might find to be the best for you and your needs. Some might be more expensive than the rest. The key is to remember to read reviews and testimonials before actually subscribing to any paid tool, as you want to have these as investments to your marketing efforts.

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